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I Am
Douglas J. Morrison

Four years ago I was dying, three years ago I made the decision to stop. Thatís when I discovered nutrition, health , meditation and shortly thereafter the institute. It has been the most difficult and challenging three years of my life, not to mention horrifying, and painful balanced by incredible rewards. It all started with  the same question WHY? Why the abuse, why the pain, why the liver problems, the joint problems, the neuromuscular, why the hell is all this happening to me?
    I went into this field for purely selfish reasons. I wanted to live pain free, and maybe in the interim help slow down the disease process for the people around me so I would not have to watch them die, or lose them before it was time. The doctors, I felt had their own agenda and couldnít figure me out. If I was to gain control I needed to figure it out myself. I seem to have gotten a lot more than I bargained for. The correlationís, the synergisity, the struggles, the living hell I frequently put myself through. I guess itís one of those be careful what you ask forÖ
I am still frequently living with pain, but the physical reminds me that I still have much to learn. I have become open and aware to whatever the universe chooses to throw my way. I know most importantly, that I have not been invited to a funeral since I started this leg of my journey (knock wood). I also know in my own small way, that I Douglas John Morrison, through cause and effect have shaped and continue to shape, the world, (in my own small way). 
Itís hard to nail down what I expect at this time of my journey, Iím not even sure I want to have a practice. What I want is, a good life with a realistic outlook, to be healthy, wealthy and wise. 

(a vacation, maybe twice a year wouldnít be hard to take)