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Douglas John Morrison
born: April 19th, 1963 at 7:28pm
in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
    Doug (or dr d as many call him), has had a life chalked full of learning. Not so much academic although some is apparent, most lessons came from life. The youngest child spawned from the unlikely pairing of a machinist and a successful burlesque performer, he spent much of his weekends as a child back stage. He recalls one of his most vivid memories from grade five. "It was career day, and I had collected up some of my mothers publicity photos to show the class. I stood in front of the class and proudly boasted of my mothers show business career. I was shut down, and sent packing to the principals office as soon as the first photo came out. I was in deep shit, I knew that, I just didnít understand why. My mom came to take me home, where she explained to me fear, ignorance, and prejudice. I learned a lot that day." Feeling unchallenged and needing to experience life he left home and school at sixteen, hopped on a bus and moved to the west coast. His journeys since have been numerous. Busboy, waiter, optical lab technician, dispensing optician, sales rep, including a number of years spent working with independent fashion designers. After experiencing mobility problems for a number of years. He was diagnosed with poly-inclusion body miositis, and was told he would have to resign himself to the fact he would spend his later years wheel chair bound. This brought him to the latest leg of his lifeís journey. Back in school after 20 years, fighting to retain his mobility, he has left his doctors confused. Still walking he is three months away from a post-graduate degree as a Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner. Currently residing in Toronto Canada he is considering his next step.