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Visitors to The Hunger Site donate free food to the hungry at no cost once a day simply through the "click of a button." These donations, distributed by the United Nations World Food Programme, are paid for by The Hunger Site's sponsors

Stop Dr Laura, the real predator is intolerance, hatred and bigotry, it has led to tragedy too many times. Paramount  is fine with Dr. Laura equating homosexuality with incest and pedophilia. They need to hear that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people deserve equal respect, not a double standard. 

the Rant Monthly is a news letter type forum intended to showcase the incredibly diverse intellects of the lovable bunch of lunatics I call my chosen family. Includes articles as well as opportunities to contact us (via e-mail). It's a work in progress, with an unknown direction.

Art Gallery contains original works of art for show and sale, created by local Toronto artist, 
Donna-Jeanne Bligh. 

Drag Queens the name says it all. A memorial section, of talents lost as well as other pics of some other fine folks who bring fabulosity to the forefront. 

Ann-margret many many photos of this american icon, whose talent and beauty knows no bounds.

The 4-20 Club fun and frivolity with a serious edge. How long can we let this gross miscarriage of justice, visited upon "the useful hemp plant" continue. 

Pussy Palace  if you like pussy, this links for you. Full colour photos, up close and personal 

Professional I am currently enrolled studying to become a "Holistic Nutritionist". This training/experience has definately changed my life. Last class is May 29th and this three year journey has been well worth the trip. An internet consultation network is in the works.